One of the strengths of computers is their ability to record, process, and retrieve vast amounts of information in a short time. Computers also enable people around the world to communicate with each other quickly. Computers make our lives more challenging, interesting, and in some ways perhaps more fulfilling.


Communication with the help of telephones is less personal than direct communication. What is the effect of telephones on people’s levels of stress; the sudden interruptions of phones ringing, where the person receiving a call never knows who is at the other end of the line or what kind of message is waiting for him?


To many, cooped up in houses or apartments, a TV is a window on the world.

Television brings us closer to strangers and distances us from immediate family and friends. In this way, it contributes to the decline of communities. In how many households do people talk less to each other because they spend so much time watching television?

Another reason why we watch so much TV is that it requires little effort – just look and listen.