Mental Illness

Modern explanations of mental illnesses focus upon physiological rather that psychological factors. It is nearly always the insufficiency or excess of a particular substance in the brain that is the problem. Prior experiences, especially the traumatising sort, are rarely acknowledged as factors  causing mental illness. Are we to believe that traumatic experience has no effect on the amount of substances in the brain?

Feelings and Chemicals

Another example of the emphasis on the link between feelings and chemicals in the brain is the claim by scientists that what makes people hungry is the presence of a particular chemical in the brain.

Emotional Desensitisation

This is a condition where a person has become desensitised to the point where he finds few experiences ‘moving.’  When he witnesses a person’s misfortune, he remains unmoved; his ability to feel has diminished. His heart has become hard. And what is the significance of this desensitisation?

Age of Rage

Why do a few people find it so hard to restrain themselves?

Repression and Depression

At one time some people believed they suffered from sexual repression. They felt that they would be a lot happier if they could escape from the restrictions placed on their freedom by religion, parents, and their inhibitions. It seems that many people now suffer from a new and perhaps related condition – depression.

Positive Attitude

To live well it is important to have a positive attitude.