Equality of Men and Women

No reasonable person will disagree that the dignity of females is equal to that of men, or that females should get equal pay for equal work. Nevertheless, a few people have taken the equality of men and women so far as to take the position that men and women are also the same. This causes them to ignore even palpable differences, between men and women. The price for this carelessness is being paid by the children. Where women remain with toddlers and breast-feed them, adults tend to be healthier.


Feminism is a program that endeavors to address injustice by men, the family unit, as well as political and religious authorities. Women have been kept in a condition of near slavery, it is argued, because of the perception that their purpose is to attend to their families.

However, their adversaries emphasize the damaging effects of feminism. Is it right, they argue, for wives to abandon their families on the excuse that their family is keeping them in subjection? There is no doubt that particular types of feminism – which we would refer to as radical – have harmful effects on the family.

Happy Housewives

There are many housewives who enjoy caring for their families. Why should these women be made to feel that there is missing in being “just a housewife”?


Marriage signifies the desire of two persons, male and female, to enter into a relationship of friendship to raise a family. The family is exclusive.

Marriage Breakdown

Factors that lead to marital breakdown comprise infidelity, abuse, ignorance, self-centeredness, greed, drinking and gambling. When a marriage breaks down, children are wounded and demoralized for an extended time, perhaps even for the rest of their lives.


Why do young people turn to gangs and gangsterism? As strange as it may seem, young people join gangs because gangs provide people with what they are failing to get elsewhere: a sense of being part of a group and friendship. The rise of gangsterism is evidence of the failure of the family to enable people to develop a feeling of belonging.

Sex before Marriage

Sex before marriage reduces the prospect of finding a marriage partner. Many people become broken hearted when the partner walks away. This takes a toll.

People become sexually active get affection that they do not get from their parents. This happens in families where the parents pay little attention to their children. If parents wish their children to abstain from sex prior to marriage, they must preserve warmth in the family.