Quran confirms previous revelations

The posts under the heading “Towards a better knowledge of Islam” intend to alert persons with an interest in Islam to a few misunderstandings, that have been propagated about Islam. Among of these is the view that the Quran “abrogated” the previous revelations.

By contrast, the Quran informs us in no fewer than twenty verses that it “confirms” the previous revelations. This does not mean that the Quran endorses everything that is found in the recorded versions of the previous revelations. To see where the Quran departs from the recorded versions of the previous revelations, the reader is advised to read the Quran which explains it best.

The view that the Quran “abrogated” previous revelations is wishful thinking. It is typical of parties that propagate an “exclusive” rather than an “inclusive” kind of Islam. Rigid adherence to “exclusive” Islam is found among extremists.

One reason for the view that the Quran “abrogated” the previous revelations is that, as a result of the uncritical following of jurists known a taqlid, commentators refer to the writings of their predecessors rather than the Quran itself. If a jurist commits an error, the following generations repeat that mistake. In this way, such errors  become effectively “institutionalised.”

Moreover, as Muhammad Asad observes in his translation of the Quran, there is not a single tradition in the entire corpus of prophetic traditions that even mentions let alone supports the doctrine of “abrogation.” The Quran itself says that no change will be found in the words of God.

[Disclaimer: Readers are advised to check the veracity of the views expressed in this post for themselves. If any reader finds an error in this post, kindly inform me].


Author: Abdul Karim Abdullah

Writer and editor

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